We understand that the cost involved with instructing Solicitors is a significant concern for most people and we want to reduce your concerns wherever possible.

To help you to make the best decision about your legal options, we have prepared a breakdown of the costs associated with Residential Conveyancing and Motoring matters. These costs are shown below and are prepared to give you an insight into the charges associated with our work on your behalf. The costs for other areas are available upon request, so please contact our Reception staff who will be happy to direct your call to the appropriate Legal Team.



The residential conveyancing team at Burrell Jenkins between them have over 100 years’ experience in residential conveyancing and are accredited under the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS), the recognised quality standard.

We use leading case management software to help us to deal with a wide range of conveyancing transactions including the buying and selling of freehold or leasehold properties; remortgages; transfers of equity; shared ownership and right to buy purchases; and equity release.

We shall be pleased to provide details of the anticipated legal costs for any property transaction, but our typical fees are based on the following:-

Price/Amount   Our fees for sale          Our fees for purchase  Our fees for remortgage

Up to                £585.00-650.00           £600.00-730.00           £300.00-450.00



£250,000-        £625.00-775.00           £680.00-880.00           £400.00-600.00



£500,000-        £750.00-1,000.00        £780.00-1,500.00        £550.00-750.00



Individual quotes are given for transactions in excess of £1,000,000.00.


Please note that VAT is payable in addition at the prevailing rate.


Unless agreed to the contrary at the outset fees will be payable on matters which do not proceed in proportion to the amount of work which has been carried out.


There is, of course, inevitably a possibility that unforeseen factors can come up during the course of any matter, such as adverse search results, lost or missing documents and so on, which increase the work which has to be carried out beyond the initial expectation.  We reserve the right to charge additional fees in such circumstances but these would be agreed with you at the time and before any such additional work is undertaken.


We make a standard charge of £40.00 plus VAT for arranging an indemnity insurance policy, in addition to any premium which is payable. We also make an additional charge if a declaration of trust is required, ranging from £100.00 to £250.00 plus VAT. An additional fee ranging from £75.00 to £150.00 is payable where properties are leasehold or shared ownership leasehold.


We do not make a separate charge for any of the following:-

Acting for a mortgage lender; carrying out money laundering checks against clients and other solicitors; arranging funds transfers; completing and filing Stamp Duty Land Tax (“SDLT”) returns; dealing with Help to Buy ISAs; and file storage.

Please note however that “disbursements” may be payable in connection with some of these matters as detailed below.



In addition to our own charges there are payments which have to be made to third parties, such as search fees, Land Registry fees, SDLT and bank charges. Such sums would be payable regardless of who carries out the legal work and are likely to be the same or broadly similar.  These payments are termed "disbursements".  Where these can be anticipated at the outset they will be set out in any initial quotation which we provide and in our client care paperwork.

Property search fees vary according to the location of the property.  They include a local search, environmental report, a drainage or water report and, where necessary, a coal mining report.  The cost tends to range from £160.00 to £250.00

Fees payable to the Land Registry include the fees for obtaining a copy of the register of title and title plan in the case of a sale or remortgage (typically £6.00); an official search prior to completion (£3.00 per title); a Land Charges search (£2.00 per person/name where required) and the registration fees payable after completion.  Registration fees vary by the nature of the transaction and the price paid or value of the land and range from £20.00 to £910.00.

Stamp Duty Land Tax may also be payable and where we can we shall provide details of the amount which is likely to be payable at the outset as part of the initial quotation.  However we would recommend that you satisfy yourselves about the sum payable by visiting the HMRC website and a calculator is available at

The following additional disbursements are payable in most cases:

            Money laundering search fee - £4.00 plus VAT per person

            Bank transfer fee - £15.00 per transfer

These are fees which we have to pay to third parties and which are passed on to you at cost.


Time Scales


Unfortunately, due to increased regulatory requirements, according to government figures the average transaction time according to the government has lengthened and a period of 12-16 weeks is now typical. Whilst we always try to meet a client’s requirements, to a very large extent this is not within our control.  As a result we are unable to give any definitive time scale and therefore it is important that you make no firm commitments unless and until contracts have been exchanged.

Referral fees

Referral fees are fees paid to estate agents, mortgage brokers and so on for the introduction of work. We do not pay referral fees.

Further details

Please call us if you want a quote or if you wish to discuss your particular requirements for a residential property transaction.  Alternatively request a quote by email by sending brief details to





Our fees for Court attendance will depend on the type of hearing and individual circumstances of the matter.

For example, if your case is un-contested (Guilty Plea with no legal argument in relation to driving disqualification) costs will be at the lower end of the range.

If there is a contested hearing (Not Guilty with a Trial) costs will be charged at the higher end of the range.

In each case the figure quoted is an estimate and if costs are likely to exceed the stated amount, we will contact you to discuss this before costs are incurred.


Initial Consultation

If you have not yet entered a Plea or have not received a Court date and would like to speak to us about your case the following fee will apply: -

* 30 minutes - Initial Consultation: £80.00 plus VAT (£96.00) – Fixed Fee


Guilty Plea Hearing – No Trial

If you face a Road Traffic Offence to which you plead Guilty, the Court may sentence you on the first date of hearing.

In these circumstances the following fees will apply:

* Guilty Plea 1 hearing - £350.00 plus VAT (£420.00) – Fixed Fee

* Guilty Plea 2 hearings - £500.00 plus VAT (£600.00) – Fixed Fee


Not Guilty Plea - Trial

If you plead not guilty to a Road Traffic Offence your case will be adjourned for Trial. This means that there will be a hearing where evidence is called and the Court will decide whether you are guilty or not guilty.

We can help you with you Trial preparation and representation in Court. Our fee for representation will depend on the length of the Trial and the nature of the offence:

In these circumstances the following fees will apply:

* Not Guilty Trial (no more than 1 day Hearing) - £1000.00 plus VAT (£1200.00) – Fixed Fee

* If the Trial extends beyond 1 day, an additional rate of £500.00 plus VAT (£600 per day) – Fixed Fee

* Early revocation of Driving Disqualification - £750.00 plus VAT (£900.00) – Fixed Fee

* Application to re-open case - £750.00 plus VAT (£900.00) – Fixed Fee

* Abuse of Process Argument - £190.00 plus VAT (£228) – Hourly Rate

* Judicial Review - £190.00 plus VAT (£228.00) – Hourly Rate

* Appeal to Crown Court Conviction and/or Sentence - £750.00 plus VAT (£900.00) – Fixed Fee

In every case we will:

* Consider the evidence

* Take your instructions

* Provide advice regarding the likely outcome, including Sentence

* Attend and provide representation at the Magistrates Court

* Travel and waiting time

There will be additional costs (disbursements) to the fees quoted above if we are required to:

* Instruct Experts

* Instruct Counsel (i.e. an External Barrister)

* Take statements from any witnesses

* Advise or assist in relation to any matter heard in the Crown Court, including Appeals

* Incur travel costs e.g. mileage, parking, train fares


Disqualification from Driving

Some offences carry a mandatory disqualification (e.g. drink drive) or discretionary disqualification but with mandatory penalty points (e.g. speeding or using a vehicle without insurance).

In those cases you might in limited circumstances be able to argue that there are Special Reasons why you should not be disqualified or that you should not receive the penalty points.

The other type of case where disqualification is an issue is where you accumulate 12 penalty points or more in a 3 year period. This would normally result in disqualification for at least 6 months.

However you might be able to argue that disqualification would result in Exceptional Hardship not just to you but also to your employer, work colleagues, employees or to family members.

In these circumstances the following fees will apply:

* Exceptional Hardship Hearing - £750.00 plus VAT (£900.00) – Fixed Fee

* Special Reasons Argument - £750.00 plus VAT (£900.00) – Fixed Fee


For further details on any of these prices or to book an appointment, please contact the Criminal Team.







Dealing with the death of a loved one is emotionally draining and difficult.  Having to then deal with the financial consequences of the death is an added burden and complication whether the loved one left a Will and regardless of the value of their assets.  If there is a Will the Executors may have to apply for a Grant of Probate which will allow them to deal with the Estate, but if there is no valid Will in existence a Grant of Letters of Administration may need to be applied for.  Burrell Jenkins offer a range of services to assist, including a complete Estate Administration service, or a service which involves obtaining the Grant only so that the Executors or Administrators can then administer the Estate according to law.


Although the nature of every Estate differs, we appreciate that an estimate from the beginning about potential fees will ensure clarity for the client.  If anything should arise that requires more work than anticipated then you would be informed and consulted at that time about extra fees, to ensure fairness and transparency.


Depending on the circumstances of the case obviously fees will differ, for instance whether Inheritance Tax is payable, whether there is a Will and whether the beneficiaries are easily located.  The following is a summary of our costs:-


Probate – pricing


1)                  Obtaining a Grant of Probate in the simplest state - £400 plus VAT


·                     Where there is no Inheritance Tax to pay

·                     Time factor 3-6 months

Factors that may incur further costs might be a Caveat discovered after initial instructions or the value of the Estate being increased due to late information being received.


2)                  Obtaining a Grant of Probate when IHT400 required - £600 plus VAT


·                     Where there is no Inheritance Tax to pay

·                     Time factor 3-10 months

Factors that may incur further costs might be a Caveat discovered after initial instructions or the value of the Estate being increased due to late information being received.



3)                  Obtaining a Grant of Letters of Administration - £550 plus VAT


·                     Where there is no Inheritance Tax to pay

·                     Time factor 3-6 months

Factors that may incur further costs might be locating those missing persons entitled to a share of the Estate, locating assets and having to trace creditors.


4)                  Obtaining a Grant of Letters of Administration when IHT400 required- £750 plus VAT


·                     Where there is no Inheritance Tax to pay

·                     Time factor 3-10 months

Factors that may incur further costs might be locating those missing persons entitled to a share of the Estate, locating assets and having to trace creditors.


5)                  Administration of an Estate with a Will - £750 plus VAT to 1% of the gross Estate whichever is the greater


·                     Where there is no Inheritance Tax to pay

·                     Time factor 3-6 months

Factors that may incur further costs might be searching for assets or beneficiaries, or creditors having to instruct an outside agency and sale of assets.


6)                  Administration of an Estate without a Will - £1200 to 1% of the Gross Estate whichever is the greater


·                     Where there is no Inheritance Tax to pay

·                     Time factor 3-10 months


Factors that may incur further costs might be searching for assets or beneficiaries, or creditors having to instruct an outside agency and sale of assets.


7)                  Obtaining a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration and administering the Estate requiring a full IHT Return whether or not Inheritance Tax is payable - £2500 or 1.5% of the Gross Estate whichever is the greater


·                     Time factor 3-10 months


8)                  Burrell Jenkins are appointed Executors and administer the Estate – 2% of the Gross Estate


·                     Time factor 3-6 months but not factors such as simplicity of the Estate, availability of evidence of next of kin, assets and debts may impact on the time estimate.



Please note disputes between Executors or beneficiaries inevitably risk increased costs, full notice of any increased costs would be provided in writing if and when such problems incur.


Probate - Disbursements


The following are usually incurred during the course of an application to the Court regarding an Estate:-


Application fee - £155 plus 50p per copy of the Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration.

Bankruptcy Searches - £2.00 per search



Lasting Powers of Attorney grant an individual the legal authority to represent or act on another’s behalf even in the case of the loss of mental capacity and must be set up before that occurs.  Once a person has lost capacity then it is too late to sign a Lasting Power of Attorney and only a Deputyship is possible.  Deputyship is expensive and far more complicated.  There are two types of Lasting Powers of Attorney, Health and Welfare or Property and Finance.  They are separate documents but the same Attorneys can act for the Donor of the Power.


Lasting Powers of Attorney – costing


Our costs for drawing up a single Lasting Power of Attorney including taking initial instructions from the Donor, drawing up the document for approval, supervising the proper execution of the same, acting as Certificate Provider following the capacity of the Donor, obtaining the signatures of the Attorneys and filing the same for registration - £300 plus VAT in total.


Please note if both types of Lasting Power of Attorney are requested then the costs are

£400 plus VAT in total.


Lasting Powers of Attorney – disbursements


A registration fee of £82 per application is payable.


Please contact us for full details with regard to the registration fee, ability to obtain remission or exemption from paying that fee and the cost of visits at home if the donor’s ability is impaired.




Our straight forward Wills begin at £125 plus VAT and more complex Wills including Life Interest Wills and care fee planning begin at £200 plus VAT.


Please contact our Department for details and a quote to fit your circumstances.


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