Wills & Probate


Burrell Jenkins has a small highly experienced department to handle any matter involving Wills and Probate. We will provide all the help and support required.


Preparation of wills for single people and those in a relationship

  • Receiving instructions for wills, advising on testators duty of care, taxation or property protection concerns, care fees and trust implications.
  • Discussing appointment of suitable Executors, testamentary guardians and trustees for minors.
  • Advising on effects of divorce, remarriage and first death of a couple.
  • Ensuring an accurate will is prepared and signed that reflects the testator’s wishes, needs and concerns.



Advising after death as to the appropriate steps to be taken regarding the deceased’s Estate

  • Meeting with the next of kin /Executors of the deceased and advising on the next steps to be taken to ensure the estate is properly dealt with.
  • Discussion as to the requirement of a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration and the protection and preservation of the assets.
  • Advising on taxation implications.
  • Advising on the contents and validity of the deceased’s will, or the effect of intestacy, and how to call in and distribute properly the deceased’s estate.
  • Preparation of HMRC s and Probate Registry Forms and their lodgement. Administration of the estate post Grant, and preparation of the Estate.


Please feel free to contact our Wills & Probate department for further advice and assistance. 

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