Private Childrens Law

The Family Law department of Burrell Jenkins Solicitors will provide you with a specialist comprehensive service in relation to a wide range of family problems.

We know that family matters can be stressful and emotional and we can offer a sensitive, friendly, efficient and professional service to help you cope with the legal aspects of your situation.

We will support you with legal advice so that you know your rights and are in control.

We will help you work towards a reasonable solution without being unnecessarily aggressive – but we will be firm in protecting your interests.

We regularly appear in courts across the Midlands and have experience of dealing with a wide range of matters including complex cases including the following:

  • Wills – we can offer advice and preparation of wills, which should be considered at important times in your life, such as at marriage/divorce and in seeking to appoint a child’s guardian after death.
  • Legal Aid (dependant on eligibility) – we can assess people for legal aid family work. Your case may be subject to a merits test and you may need to pass a means assessment. Legal aid is not necessarily free and you may have to pay a contribution towards it. It is not available for all types of cases and is available at different levels, so please contact us for more information if you are not sure. We will need to see certain documents so that we can assess your eligibility; we shall be able to discuss this with you if necessary.
  • Private fees – please ask us for details of our private rates. We can provide reliable estimates, provide you with clear and regular updates and set up manageable payment plans. In certain cases, such as for divorce and court hearings, we can offer fixed fees.


Children/Private Law Matters
  • Residence arrangements dealing with where a child lives.
  • Contact arrangements for the child to see his/her non-resident partner/other family members.
  • Parental responsibilityissues relating to the general upbringing of a child including limiting parental rights, resolving a specific issue or simply ensuring that an unmarried father has the same legal rights, duties and responsibilities towards a child as his/her mother.
  • Parentageestablishing who a child’s father is.


Public Law Matters
  • Care Proceedings / Child ProtectionSocial Services investigations and court proceedings started by social services.
  • Contact arrangements for having contact with a child in care.
  • Discharging a care order having a child returned from foster care.
  • Adoption proceedingsproceedings relating to the child’s proposed placement outside of his/her natural family.


Domestic Violence
  • Non molestation ordersto obtain protection from domestic abuse, and where necessary enforcement of injunctions.
  • Occupations ordersto exclude from a property a person who would otherwise have a right to live in that property, so as to ensure protection from domestic abuse. 
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